APBC – Easter Eggs

The Ambulance Paramedics Of British Columbia strive for a response time of 8 minutes and 59 seconds.

This is a number that we repeat over and over in the campaign.

Here are a few of places you’ll find that number.

See if you can catch them all!


TV ad – Choking

APBC 2017 Choking Ad

The microwave is set for 8:59 in the very beginning. She then finds her infant daughter choking, calls for help, and the paramedics arrive in time to intubate the child – all before the final beeps to show it’s done.


TV ad – Overdose

APBC 2017 Fentanyl Overdose Ad

There are 8 minutes and 59 seconds left to play in the hockey game still on behind the comatose teens. The paramedics are able to revive the children before the final buzzer.

Also notice the cards on the ground.


Print ad – Car Accident

Check out the graffiti in the tunnel.

APBC 2017 Ad – Texting And Driving 

Print Ad – Overdose

And the clocks…