Miller Titerle Disco lawyers ad

Advertising In Vancouver: 10 Iconic Campaigns

For being a “big little town,” Vancouver, BC has nonetheless seen its share of some unforgettable advertising campaigns. From innovative guerrilla marketing to socially impactful messages, these ads have left an indelible mark on the city’s advertising scene. Let’s dive into the most captivating Vancouver advertising campaigns that left an indelible mark on the city.


  1. Studio 54 Law Firm Shoot


One of the biggest photoshoots ever undertaken by a law firm was right here in Vancouver. Miller Titerle featured all of almost fifty lawyers and staff in their ambitious print ad that celebrated their being recognized as one of the “Best Corporate Law Firms in Canada” by Canadian Lawyer magazine. Their ads never shy away from outrageous concepts, and this year’s was no different, with the sleek disco styling of 70s-era Studio 54 being the theme. The campaigns are created and produced by Immersion Creative. 


  1. A&W’s Beyond Meat Burger Parade


A&W capitalized on the plant-based trend by orchestrating a lively parade featuring people dressed as oversized Beyond Meat burgers marching through downtown Vancouver. The spectacle not only showcased their menu but also embraced the city’s enthusiasm for sustainable food choices.


  1. BC Transit’s Poetry In Transit


BC Transit collaborated with local poets to turn buses into moving canvases of verse. Commuters found themselves surrounded by lines of poetry, turning their daily journeys into moments of reflection and inspiration.


  1. TELUS’ Connection Bench


TELUS introduced the “Connection Bench” in various parks, where a simple scan of a QR code led to a video call with a loved one. This heartfelt campaign emphasized the brand’s commitment to keeping people connected, especially during challenging times.


  1. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Flash Mob Symphony


To promote classical music in unexpected places, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra surprised shoppers at popular malls with flash mob performances. The orchestrated chaos brought the beauty of live symphony to the heart of the city’s commercial spaces.


  1. Mobi by Shaw Go’s Bike Share Art Gallery


Mobi, Vancouver’s bike-share program, partnered with local artists to transform bike stations into miniature art galleries. Each station featured a unique piece, promoting both sustainable transportation and the city’s vibrant art scene.


  1. Vancouver Whitecaps’ Street Soccer Showdown


The Vancouver Whitecaps, the city’s Major League Soccer team, organized impromptu street soccer matches at iconic locations. Passersby were encouraged to join in, creating a sense of community and promoting the team’s inclusive spirit.


  1. 8. BC SPCA’s “Adopt Don’t Shop” Street Murals


BC SPCA took to the streets with eye-catching murals featuring adorable shelter animals and the message “Adopt Don’t Shop.” The campaign not only promoted pet adoption but also added color and charm to Vancouver’s urban landscape.


  1. VanDusen Botanical Garden’s Flower-Powered Transit


VanDusen Botanical Garden collaborated with TransLink to wrap buses in vibrant floral designs, transforming public transportation into a mobile garden. The campaign not only promoted the garden but also brought a touch of nature to the city streets.


  1. Evo Car Share’s Eco-Friendly Escape Room


Evo Car Share set up a unique escape room experience inside their vehicles, challenging participants to solve puzzles related to eco-friendly practices. It was a fun and educational way to promote sustainable transportation while engaging the community.


These ten advertising campaigns have not just sold products; they’ve told stories, created experiences, and become an integral part of Vancouver’s dynamic cultural tapestry. In a city that thrives on creativity and community, these campaigns have set the bar high for the next wave of innovative advertising.