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Since 2008, Immersion Creative has been building integrated, custom campaigns. We are a mid-sized, task-driven, advertising agency in Vancouver, BC. Our market extends from the cosmopolitan (604) to the industrious (250). If you want a hardworking, award-winning team with the responsiveness of an in-house department, you've found yourself in the right rabbit hole. So take a look around. If you like what you see—let's talk.


Part and parcel of marketing in BC is working with a wide variety of unexpected industries. We have extensive experience in the following sectors: education, public health, law, real estate, finance, trades, health and wellness, forestry, tourism, natural resources, food and beverage, non-profit, medical, and more. Here is a sample of some of the hundreds of projects that we have done over the last thirteen years.

Over 100 clients in the last thirteen years.


I break our clients into two main categories. The (604): Advertising In Vancouver. If you look through the portfolio of any marketing company downtown and you're going to see at ton of Vancouver real estate advertising—no two ways about it. We have done our fair share of campaigns for developers, property managers, mortgage brokers, and plenty of advertising for REALTORS® in Vancouver. Being a Vancouver agency also entails creating brands and advertising for law firms, legal services, and of course, lawyers. We probably do the wildest lawyer advertising in Vancouver. Also education, we have done multiple conceptual campaigns for Coquitlam Continuing Education. Look on any bus from West Van to Surrey or take the skytrain. Real estate, lawyers, and schools are the big advertisers in the Lower Mainland in 2021. The (250): Advertising in British Columbia. We also do conceptual advertising and branding for parks, ecotourism, forestry, engineering firms, fishing and wildlife, natural resources, and tourism.

A Deeper Dive

Into The Depths

Immerse yourself in our behind-the-scenes. Discover more about our processes. Find out what makes us tick. And behold the advertising graveyard down below.

The Key Visual – What Is It?

Think of it like a blueprint. It sets the tone for the concept and style. Once we articulate the Key Visual, everything else falls in place.

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eyes photoshoot

Print Advertising: Our Process

Our step-by-step process to make a high-concept print campaign with award-winning photographers. From concept to casting, scouting, styling, makeup and more, it’s a labour of love.

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Seventy foot camera crane for APBC shoot

Process of Making A TV Ad

Ever wanted to know how TV commercials and digital videos were made? It’s a piece of cake, really. All you need is some actors, a stuntman, and a seventy-foot crane. JK we do budget too.

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Luerzer's archives over the years

Lürzer’s Archive 

We are in the latest (Spring 2021) Lurzer’s Archive. Four ads for homeless veterans. Two for epic scuba diving underwater ninjas with luminous watches. So similar themes.

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