Opening Doors with Your High School Diploma

People leave high school for many reasons. Some do not reach graduation because they become the primary caregiver for a loved one and need to stay at home. Others experience personal hardships that lead to them leaving high school, while others fall through one of the many cracks in the system. Whatever your reason for […]

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Back to School: A Day in the Life at CCE

If you’re looking at enrolling in one of Coquitlam Continuing Education’s courses or programs this fall, odds are, you’ve asked yourself, “What would my typical day at CCE look like?” The first thing to know is there is no “typical” schedule at CCE. Our individual courses as well as our certificate and diploma programs are […]

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Adult Basic Education and English Language classes now free in British Columbia

The BC government has restored funding for adult basic education and English language classes effective September 1, 2017. What does that mean for Coquitlam’s adult upgraders and English learners? It means your classes at Coquitlam Continuing Education are once again tuition free! This right for BC citizens takes place immediately, meaning students enrolled in adult […]

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