CCE Open House: November 9 at Montgomery Centre

CCE Open House on November 9, from 7 to 9 p.m. at our Montgomery Centre campus!

  Have you been considering enrolling at Coquitlam Continuing Education? Do you want to learn English and improve your language skills? Is it time to finish your high school diploma or upgrade marks to meet college prerequisites? Or perhaps you’re looking for do a skills upgrade and take on job retraining. Maybe it’s one of […]

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Opening Doors with Your High School Diploma

People leave high school for many reasons. Some do not reach graduation because they become the primary caregiver for a loved one and need to stay at home. Others experience personal hardships that lead to them leaving high school, while others fall through one of the many cracks in the system. Whatever your reason for […]

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Time Management 101: Fitting Studies into Your Schedule

One of the biggest concern adults learners have is how they are going to fit studying into their busy lives, on top of everything else they already have to do. Rest assured it’s entirely possible. The key is keeping on top of time.   Write down ALL of your time commitments Think of every little […]

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Skilled Jobs vs. Unskilled Jobs: Wages, Demand, and Opportunity

When you enroll in courses with Coquitlam Continuing Education, it means you are taking the first steps along your new career path. Maybe you’re finally entering the field you’ve always meant to, and maybe you’re retraining for a new job because you need a shake-up in your day to day. Along with a sense of […]

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Adult Basic Education and English Language classes now free in British Columbia

The BC government has restored funding for adult basic education and English language classes effective September 1, 2017. What does that mean for Coquitlam’s adult upgraders and English learners? It means your classes at Coquitlam Continuing Education are once again tuition free! This right for BC citizens takes place immediately, meaning students enrolled in adult […]

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