Back to School: A Day in the Life at CCE

If you’re looking at enrolling in one of Coquitlam Continuing Education’s courses or programs this fall, odds are, you’ve asked yourself, “What would my typical day at CCE look like?”

The first thing to know is there is no “typical” schedule at CCE. Our individual courses as well as our certificate and diploma programs are designed to be flexible. This means one student’s day starts in the early morning, while another’s gets going at 7 pm. Some CCE students take over the campus at the weekend, while others are on a more traditional Monday to Friday schedule.

However, despite the freeing lack of a “typical schedule,” there are a few things that every learner can expect to encounter during a day at Coquitlam Continuing Education.


An intimate and supportive learning environment

Coming to CCE means entering an education environment that is supportive, friendly, and familiar. One-on-one time is an important aspect of learning at CCE—you’ll get to know your classmates and instructors in a way that isn’t possible at larger institutions.

Ellen Olmstead, a teacher at a community college in the US, does a great job of summing up the atmosphere of continuing education environment, saying: “Students who transfer to four-year institutions regularly return to tell me that they miss the language of family and love of the community college.”

A day at CCE means a day of learning that is supported and celebrated by peers and instructors alike.


A diverse student body

Another thing you can expect during your time at CCE is to become a unique and vital part of our diverse student body. From high school graduates to senior citizens, single parents of young kids to new empty-nesters, first-generation Canadians to fifth-generation, the students at CCE come in all shapes and sizes.

In addition to the skills you learn in your courses, being a student at CCE means you’ll meet and make connections with people you otherwise might not have had an opportunity to know, widening your network and adding to that important “community feel” of continuing education environments.


In-classroom learning and real-world experience

What’s a day in the life at CCE like? It changes from one day to the next—you might be in a computer lab learning hard skills, and the next semester you’re out doing a practicum in a real-world workplace. The learning situations offered at CCE are varied to offer you a multitude of experiences, both educational and practical. In reality, no two CCE students have the exact same experience.


A day in the life at CCE is as unique as you are, but you can count on dedicated instructors, a warm and supportive environment, and a diverse student body that all contribute to opening your mind and expanding your knowledge.


Open House—November 9, 2017

Don’t miss the chance to test out the campus for yourself at our next Open House!

  • Nov 9, 2017, 7–9 pm
  • 380 Montgomery St, Coquitlam, BC

The Open House is a chance for future students to ask staff and alumni about their experiences at CCE, take a tour of the campus, and learn more about our adult education programs, in addition to enjoying some food and live music.




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