Adult Basic Education and English Language classes now free in British Columbia

The BC government has restored funding for adult basic education and English language classes effective September 1, 2017.

What does that mean for Coquitlam’s adult upgraders and English learners? It means your classes at Coquitlam Continuing Education are once again tuition free!

This right for BC citizens takes place immediately, meaning students enrolled in adult education and English classes this September will be the first to benefit, and any student who has already paid tuition fees will receive a refund.

Open access to adult basic education, also known as upgrading courses, as well as English-language classes means that all British Columbians can learn the skills they need to improve their job prospects. Whether you are looking to finish off your high school diploma, need to complete the high school classes you need for your chosen degree program, or are a newcomer to Canada who wants to improve their English language skills, there is a spot for you at Coquitlam Continuing Education.

Courses at CCE are designed so that no matter what your schedule is or how hectic your life may seem, you can fit learning in. Our English language and adult basic education are available in the daytime, evening, online, and in class. With cost and scheduling barriers removed, you can focus on the skills upgrading you need to move on to the next step of your career path.

Still need a few more reasons to enroll in the upgrading or English class you’ve had your eye on, even now that adult learning in British Columbia is completely free? Here are three more reasons to quit stalling and enroll now:


1.You’ll expand your network

We all know upgrading your classes and improving your English language skills increases your prospects of landing a great new job. But you also increase your career prospects by growing your network, by making new connections with fellow students and course instructors.


2.You’ll find all the support you need

Going back to school as an adult can be challenging—whether you have a full-time job, kids to look after, or are afraid of what others might think. At Coquitlam Continuing Education we have many resources to help you with any issue you might encounter, including career counselling, study groups, one-on-one time with tutors, and the understanding of other students going through the same things you are.


3.You’ll never regret it

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered to you, like tuition-free basic adult education and English language classes, is only ever a positive thing. Though it requires time, commitment, and effort now, the benefits you will reap in the future will be even greater than all of the energy you put in today. Your efforts will come back to you tenfold.

Free and accessible adult learning in British Columbia means increased opportunity for everyone.


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