Day 31 – Mission Accomplished

November 8, 2013 | Filed Under Uncategorized 

I weighed in today at 181.4 lb. That means I’ve hit (surpassed) my goal weight (185) and I’m ready to start maintenance.

I lost 32.6 lb in exactly 30 days on the Bernstein Diet and I’ve never felt better.

The plan now is to slowly re-introduce my normal diet. I can eat all the vegetables I want, so I’m going to start with Gorilla Food. Everything there is raw, vegan and delicious.

To see the full progression click here.

Day 30 - 181.4 lb


2 Responses to “Day 31 – Mission Accomplished”

  1. Mike you look great. That really is quite a transformation. That’s a lot of inches! I would expect a person to be ordered around a gym 4 days a week by a personal trainer giving them meal plans to achieve such a rapid transformation. You have to hand it to Bernstein! Plus you have renowned discipline.

  2. Teena

    Great Job Mike !!
    Congrats to you I hope you’ve been able to maintain your regime. I’m going to try the
    Dr. B myself starting this week.

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